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Suspension Service Schedule

Your suspension components need to be serviced on a regular basis to keep working properly and also for warranty reasons. After setting up your suspension, the next most important thing would be to have your head around the recommended service intervals and maintenance requirements.

Suspension components are very often put to the test, even in mild conditions. All suspension components will feature a variety of intricate and fragile internal components that are required to be regularly conditioned in order not only to keep the parts functioning as they should, but also to conserve it’s warranty cover.

Manufacturers, such as Rockshox, Fox, Marzocchi or Suntour, will provide their riders with extensive resources on how to properly maintain their suspension, including the recommended service intervals for each particular range of models.

If the rider fails to conform with the service interval chart, warranty may be voided. So to ensure a long and enjoyable lifespan of your suspension components as well as the full warranty cover, please refer to the following service interval charts for Rockshox and Fox components:








Now you know the warranty requirements and care instructions related to your suspension components. Please feel free to contact us with any related queries and happy riding!

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