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Bicycles Warranty Policy

Please contact Bicycles Online After Sales Service via our contact form for all warranty and product support requests.

These terms and conditions apply to the warranty of bicycles purchased from Bicycles Online. For general warranty information regarding all other Items purchased from Bicycles Online, excluding bicycles, please refer to Parts & Accessories Warranty Policy.

In the case of complete Bicycles, each of the individual components themselves are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranty policy. Bicycles Online as the retailer, does not offer any additional product warranties outside that of the manufacturer. We do however act as the conduit between the customer and the product manufacturer (or their representative).

When a warranty case is processed, the removal, assembly and tuning requirements of any components is borne by the customer making the claim.

When necessary, the shipping costs are split between the customer and Bikes Online. The customer pays for the component to be returned, Bikes Online pays for the component to be sent to the manufacturer and back to Bikes Online and then back to the customer.

The costs/inconvenience caused by the loss of use of the bicycle/product is not covered whilst the warranty process takes place.

Only the original purchaser of the goods is covered by the warranty, unless the specific product's manufacturer states otherwise.

If you feel your product has developed an issue, please contact us first as we might be able to resolve the issue without having the product sent back. Only ride off when you are certain that your bicycle is in a safe working condition. If in doubt, contact our support team or see a skilled mechanic to avoid the risk of an accident, personal injury or death. If you notice or discover an issue within 14 days of receiving your new bike, contact our support team first to assist as this is the best time to address any issues before it may result serious damage to yourself or the bike. If there is an issue with your bike and you wish to proceed with a warranty claim please contact our support team. Some issues may require the bike, or components, to be returned back to us for replacement or repair, possibly with one of our 3rd party suppliers. We will not be able to provide reimbursements for work carried out, or parts replaced, on the bike without prior knowledge of our warranty team or customer service agents.

If the product/component needs to be returned, it must be clean and packaged appropriately for transit.

To contact us for warranty claims, only email correspondence is accepted, preferably with some imagery to help us better understand the issue. This is to ensure all claims are accurately logged. You can email our warranty department directly by filling out our contact form.

This policy does not affect your statutory rights.

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