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National Service Network

Welcome to the Bicycles Online Service Network. It's a list of established and trusted service centres where you can get your bike serviced, have online parts installed, or for those a little apprehensive, have the front wheel, pedals and handlebar installed for a ride away assembly - click here.


Find a Mobile Bike Mechanic Near You!

We’ve partnered up with mobile mechanics across the country to provide you with a better service and make sure you and your bike are ready to hit the local trails. Mobile Bike Mechanics can visit your home or office, fully equipped with all the tools and essential parts to complete the most complex repair and services.

How it Works

  1. Find The Nearest Mechanic

    Use your city or postcode to find the nearest mobile mechanic.

  2. Book A Service

    You can book directly via text or call with the desired mechanic.

Check the map to find a Mobile Bike Mechanic in your area.

Find a Local Bike Shop Mechanic Near You!

We’ve also partnered up with local bike shop mechanics across the country to provide you with a better service and make sure you and your bike are up and running in no time.

You are not limited to only the shops below as our bikes can be serviced by any mechanic. Please feel free to recommend us to your local shop if they aren’t already listed below.

Check the map to find a Bike Shop Mechanic in your area.





What if I don't live near a Service Network?

You are able to get your bike service at any local bike shop or service centre of your choice.


Is my first service covered?

Unfortunately, we do not cover the cost of a service done to your bike. We do suggest getting your bike serviced within the first 3 months of owning the bike. The first three months, the bike normally needs to settle into place. The mechanic will usually check all bolts are still tight, brakes and gears are working as they should etc.


Do I get any discounts?

We do not offer any discounts using the suggested Service Network, each individual store may have different incentives to use them. It is best to give the store a call and have a chat about pricing and services.


Why Should I use one of the selected stores?

We have heard great things about our Service Network shops from previous customers. The mechanics are experienced and know what they are talking about. They are reasonably priced with their servicing too.


Can I get my bike built by a professional Mechanic?

You are able to get your bike built by a professional mechanic in your area. It is a great option if you do not feel comfortable putting the bike together on arrival by yourself. We suggest calling your local store to see what pricing they offer to build the bike for you.

For further inquires contact us here.

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