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Unpacking your bike

Exciting times ahead! See this article on how to unpack your new bike.

This article will guide you through what comes with your new bike and how to unpack it.


When you open your new bike box you will see a small box on top. This contains everything you will need to build your bike.

Opening the small parts box you will see a multi-tool or a torque wrench depending on your bike model and a 15mm wrench to tighten pedals and nutted axles. Beneath you will find manuals, pedals, reflectors, bell, quick release axle, rubber cable protections, and any other tools or parts associated with the bike, make sure you keep all of these parts and tools as you will need them for the assembly or in the future.

Next, carefully lift the bike out of the box and place it on the floor. It’s a good idea to take a few photos of the bike to remember what it looks like and where all the packaging is located.

Then remove all the packaging starting with the seat post, then the bars, the wheel, fork, and then derailleur protector and place it all to one side, make sure you keep it all in case you ever need to transport your bike or return it.

Ensure you check all the packaging especially the plastic end caps of the front wheel as the hub spacers may become stuck to the packaging. At this point check out the bike, does it have a dropper post or regular seat post? Does it have a thru-axle, quick-release, or nutted axles?

Now you can check out the appropriate tutorial videos for each aspect of your bike build on our Help Centre ‘Assembly Guides’ section. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or concerns and happy riding!

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