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Tools Included

Inside your bike box, you will also receive a small box.

When you open the small box, you will first find your Bicycle Manual and other supported documents like fork and shock manuals, this can change from bike to bike.

You will also find an Entity TW30 Torque Wrench - you can view details of the Torque Wrench here.

The tool will help you to put on the handlebars and sometimes the saddle and front wheel. 

Underneath the Entity TW30, there will be a pedal spanner. 

Please see our video on how to install pedals correctly onto your bike here. 

When you look under the first section of the small box, you might find some other tools or equipment.

Your bike should include a bell, front and rear reflector, wheel reflectors (they might already be installed on your bike)
There should be some pedals also - check the bike product page under specifications and comparisons to see if your bike includes pedals (some models do not include pedals).

Some bikes may include a spare hanger, this piece holds your derailleur into place - keep this one as a spare.

Pleas see below for detailed descriptions of each product that you may receive with your bike.

Take a look at our video too

Rubber Frame Protectors

These pieces are to go around your bike cables where the cable touches the frame, usually at the headtube.

Brake and gear cables tend to wear the paint away over time. The rubber protectors prevent this from happening.

Unfortunately they are not able to be installed by us as they tend to fall off during transit.

Spare Derailleur Hanger

Included with some bikes will also be a metal piece that looks like a hook. This is a spare derailleur hanger.
These pieces are a sacrificial item to save your frame in the event of damage to your derailleur.

Please see the link here of where you can buy spares


Crank End Cap

Some bikes will include a Crank End Cap. This will help to remove the crank end cap bolt

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