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COVID-19 Response

These are certainly different times than we are used to, but as a community, this new environment is one that we are more than capable of adapting to.

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, we owe it to those that are more vulnerable to ensure the health system is not overloaded. We can do this with a simple act of consideration, by increasing social-distancing we can reduce the spread of the virus and avoid any major spikes in demand for health care. 

As a major importer and retailer of bicycles in Australia and the USA, we are looking to get ahead of the situation. For our staff and customers, we are taking the following steps:

  • Whilst orders will continue to be shipped out, as usual, warehouse staff have been separated into alternating rosters to ensure that we have a contingency plan should any one person get sick.

  • Office staff are working from home.

  • Requesting staff to minimise the use of public transport and ride to work if possible.

  • Cancelling all non-essential staff travel. Mandatory 14-day quarantine for all staff returning from overseas.

From a commercial aspect, Bicycles Online is well placed to weather the storm, and there is no longer a supply issue out of our factories in Asia. Additionally, by providing a platform to purchase bicycles and accessories online and have them delivered directly to your door, we hope we can play a positive role in encouraging cycling during this period - it is after all, a great form of social distancing.

Some of you might have received an earlier email that was sent out in error - for that, we apologise as the message it delivered was not what we intended. Whilst we have processes to avoid unapproved emails being sent out, we are human and mistakes do happen. So please consider those more likely to be affected, socially distance yourself, wash your hands and ride your bike!

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