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14 Day Test Ride Policy

1.Our 14 Day Test Ride
2.What do I need to do to return my bike?
3.Condition of the bike
4.What about my accessories?
5.What if I want to keep my bike?

1. Our 14 day test ride

We’re so confident that you’ll love our extensive range of bikes, that we’ll let you ride one as your own for a full 14 days and if you don’t like it, fill out our contact for here and as long as the conditions of the 14 day test ride policy are met, we’ll offer you a full refund for the bike and pick it up from you, free of charge! Just make sure you keep the box so it can be re-used to send it back.

The 14 day test ride is available on all bikes at Bicycles Online and the 14 day period commences from the date of delivery. Intention to return the bike within the parameters of the scheme must be notified by email within 14 calendar days of delivery. The 14 day test ride is limited to be used once per customer.

Please note: Bikes must be packaged safely in the same packaging used to deliver the bike to you. This includes the packaging of the frame, wheels and components. Retain packaging in the event of a return. A replacement box can be provided at a cost of $50. If the bike incurs damage during transit due to inadequate packaging, Bicycles Online reserves the right to charge the customer the cost of replacement of the damaged part or component. Please also note, the refund for the bike does not include any shipping costs incurred during your original transaction.

2. What do I need to do to return my bike?

Just fill out our contact for here within 14 days of receiving your bike. We will arrange to have the bike picked up from you. You must use the original box and the bike should be part disassembled in the same way that it arrived. This will usually involve removing the handlebars, pedals and front wheel.  

A surcharge of AUD $50 will be applied for bikes returned without the original box.

3. Condition of the bike

We want you to be able to fully test and enjoy your bike during the 14-day trial period so take it out on roads or trails, give it a good ride, and make sure you are 100% happy with your bike from Bicycles Online - we are THAT confident that you will love it!

To remain eligible we ask you adopt a fair usage frame of mind and ensure there is no damage to the bike outside of the usual minimal wear you would expect from a bike ridden for 14 days or a few rides. Damage caused from improper use, abuse of the policy or incorrect assembly - such as pedal threads being damaged will be charged at full retail rates.

For health and safety reasons, the bike must be clean! Bikes returned dirty, will incur an AUD $50 surcharge. Bicycles Online accepts, that it's difficult to remove every spot of dirt, but please make an effort to return a clean bike.

Also, ensure you keep your box to enable repackaging safely.  Bicycles Online can supply a new box, but due to the costs of doing so, a AUD $50 surcharge will be applied.


4.What about my accessories?

Any accessories supplied with or fitted to your bike will not be eligible for the 14 day test ride. Our normal returns policy applies to unused accessories.

This means if you feel you might want to return any accessories purchased with your new bike, it's important to take care fitting them to the bike to avoid damage. Likewise, do not take the bike through it's test ride period with accessories attached, if you intend to return the accessories under our normal returns policy

If you have requested accessories to be installed by our workshop, please ensure you remove them before use if you intend to return them.


5.What if I want to keep my bike?

You do not need to do anything! Just keep on riding! Outside of the 14 day test ride period, your bike is still covered by manufacturers' warranty. 

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